Economic order changes rapidly along with the revolution of information technologies experienced worldwide, and in parallel to this change, new courses and business models emerge every day in business life. In the global markets, the eco-system, composed by the entrepreneurs, with business ideas but insufficient funds, and the investors, who would like to support the accurate investments financially, has ensured the rise of many brands included now among the largest companies of the world. Tahincioğlu Holding trusts the creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit of the Turkish person. Beyond any doubt, Turkish brands will also be included among the innovative initiatives, led by the companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. However, the entrepreneurs, who have a key role in sustainable economic growth, should be certainly supported for being able to show up in the global market, and the eco-system should be actualized to support the healthy formations as it is done in similar examples abroad. The entrepreneurs, who stand out worldwide with the added value they provide to the economy they are in, and with their contributions to the employment, experience serious problems in Turkey on many subjects, such as no trust in new initiatives, no access to financial resources, and absence of a guiding consultant. Today as a country, we progress steadily in line with the target of taking place among the top 10 largest economies of the world. Tahincioğlu Holding believes that the initiatives, especially in the field of information technologies, will be the main motor of growth in the forthcoming period, and finds the supporting of the entrepreneurs in this field and the innovative R&D projects absolutely significant. Therefore, Tahincioğlu Holding, is among the leading investors of Revo Capital Fund I BV, established in Holland and targeting to grow early-stage and growth-stage technology firms in Turkey by investing. Revo Capital Fund I BV makes technological investments in four fields: These are Enterprise Cloud Solutions, Inter-Machines Communication (M2M) Solutions, Platforms supporting e-trade (payment systems, marketing automations, etc.), and Digital Play spaces. Mr. Özcan Tahincioğlu, Tahincioğlu Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, directs the fund with his experiences, and leads the Investment Committee and the Consultancy Committee. Revo Capital Fund I BV provides Turkish entrepreneurs wide business network and mentorship support in business administration required primarily for developing their companies, and also contributes on the subject of capital by investing.

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