Tahincioğlu Family has entered the energy industry by stipulating that the rapid growth of Turkey will increase the need for energy. In 2004, in accordance with the purpose of liberalization of Turkish Natural Gas Market, Avrasyagaz A.Ş. has been established to participate in the natural gas market with the importer and wholesaler identity. Today Avrasyagaz continues its operations within the partnership of Prima Energy Trading LLC, which is an affiliate of Gazprombank.

Avrasyagaz Gaz A.Ş. has participated in Tender of Contract Transfers, which was held on 30th November 2005, by being announced by Botaş on 4th November 2004, as required by the temporary article 2 of Natural Gas Market Law numbered 4646. As a result of this tender, it has been entitled to be assigned the section of annual 500 million m3 of the natural gas bargain and sale contract, signed between Botaş and Gazprom Export LLC on 18th February 1998.

Avrasya Gaz A.Ş., has started natural gas importation as of 1st April 2009 to serve its customers. The company still performs natural gas sales to free consumers and user associations in Turkish Natural Gas Market.

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