In 1985, Tahincioğlu Holding has established Nida İnşaat to operate under corporate structure in the construction industry and to produce modern projects. In the years of establishment, Nida İnşaat has concentrated on industrial and logistical constructions for group companies. Afterwards, the company has developed, and has realized touristic facilities, shopping malls, business centres, and qualified housing projects.

Nida İnşaat has undertaken all stages, the work requires, from the land provision to the turn-key of the projects on the agenda. In the light of the developments in the industry, each project has been shown the same interest and the importance with no distinction of being major or minor, in order to produce quality constructions. By taking the implementation criteria into account in the project process, while it was aiming to reach optimal outcomes in the quality and cost range, it has used all possible opportunities for investors and users to acquire strong, reliable, and contemporary constructions.

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