Tahincioğlu Holding has established and developed many companies in various branches of production industry, and has partnered with international companies. In 2007, it has bought Nova Reklamcılık Firması, the best one in its industry, and continues its operations in the industry.

Nova has a strong position as being one of the leading companies in the industries of indoor and outdoor visual communication and shop installation. However, Nova’s expertise is not limited to these. Nova also performs the production of exhibition units for hotels, hospitals, and shopping malls, and the production of upholstery and tailored furniture.

Nova also offers a full service package, covering design, project management, production, logistics, montage, and maintenance. With its CNC-based production technology, it has the capacity to process many materials, from wood to metal, from acrylic and vinyl to plastic, in its factory. All these skills render Nova as the single station point in corporate identity implementation, and differentiate it from its competitors.

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